Starting 2017 with a bang.


What does 2017 look like for me? Well one thing that I’m going to be doing in 2017 that I’ve already started is intentional planning. What does intentional  planning mean? Planning with a purpose. Planning times for connection with my kids, my husband, my family and myself. I’ll be writing about this more in detail in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned for that.

With the “new beginnings ” vibe of 2017, I’ve also dedicated myself to the active pursuit of my dreams and ideas. How many times have I just sat bogged down in my own thoughts and felt afraid to get started? I’m sure you’ve felt the same. So this year I’ll be dedicating myself to pursuing those ideas that I’ve been to afraid to pursue.

Another transformation I’ll be undertaking this year is the continued transformation of myself, to become closer to the best version of myself that I can be. I’ve already started by losing over 20lbs in the last five months.

2016 brought us a lot of fears, a lot of doubt and desperation. It’s so easy to think that we are trapped in this but we’re not. We create our own reality by choosing how to react to things every minute of every day. Right now we can either choose to continue to be fearful, or we can choose the freedom and the wonder that comes with knowing that everything will be all right and the life you imagined is waiting for you. I know what I’m going to be doing.

Stay tuned for more, Love always- My Pretty Place


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