Adultery by Paulo Coelho

It seems to me that there is theme popping up, where women my age are experiencing some type of mid-life crisis. From the character in the movies I’ve been watching lately to the books I’ve been reading, to myself included it’s as if we women are facing some type of emotional and spiritual crisis that are corresponding to this time in history  where we are told to go and get what we want out of life, and we start pursuing our dreams and then when we have all that we ever wanted, we are left wanting more, not sure if this is it, feeling bad about not having a next goal and not being able to enjoy what we have.

This is a book about love, about relationships, about self sabotage at its worst, and about how it feels to take what you want even though you know it can only hurt you. I imagine that men feel this way too, but this book is from a woman’s perspective. This book spoke to me on so many levels, and it touched me. It also filled me with a hope. One of the things that I love so much about books is that you can experience another life through them. When you read a good book that experience becomes your own as your mind plays it out. it’s all inside your head and all the players have the faces you give them so it’s a highly personal experience because you have given them their looks, their features, their characters, their ideas. The writer writes them out for you but what he gives you is the play, and your mind gives you the actors. And all actors brings themselves to their roles so you bring yourself to these characters and even though you read a book that millions of other have read, your experience is completely different for you. Read this book. Read about a woman taking what she wants the way men often do, without penalty, without loss. See what she gains and what you gain too from this experience.


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